Thursday, June 14, 2007

Building Your Wealth Need A Right Mindset

You become what you think of. If you can think, why don't you think big?

Every action start from your mind. You think of something, you visualize it, set goal and then take action to achieve that goal. This is what you actually do everytime.

When you wakeup every morning, you start to think what you want to do in the short term time span.

Go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take your cloth, make some breakfast and go to work.

Then, you visualize all that thing clearly. You set what you want to achieve on every task you have set in your mind. You will think some plan and strategy to achieve every task step by step in very details.

Lastly, you take an action. One by one. You put full commitment to achieve everything you have set in your mind.

Same case happen when you want to build your wealth. You need to think of it, visualize it clearly, plan your step and take action with your full commitment.

Put aside everything. Free your mind. Take deep breathe and imagine like you now already have everything in your life. What will you do to become richer?

Do plan your strategy and give your commitment to achieve every plan.

Remember this; if you think low, you will get low.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Change Your Life - Build Your Wealth Now

Everyone dream to be wealthy. I know you're one of them. What happen to that dream?

Somehow, you still struggling while living paycheck to paycheck. Waiting for some cash to pay you bills, mortgage and other debts.

This is the reason why the rich get richer and poor become more poorer.

It's shocking to know, most of the people choose to live in debts. They intend to spend more on anything they can't afford just to impress other people and pretend to get a lifestyle of riches. But, they don't.

If this correctly describe you, please stop. The riches never spend more that whatever amount they earned. It simply as that. They have their own mantra which I want you to know today

"The dollar saved is the dollar earned"

Very simple, but hard to do.

People like to spend. It becomes a habit to everyone. They want to reward themself because they are working very hard to earn that money. Plus, everyday you are expose to ad commercials that trigger more impulse to overspend on anything that you don't need.

This is a basic of accumulating your wealth. You skip this basic step then you will never get your wealth which you have dreamt almost everyday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What's The Wealth Mean To You?

Yes, I start my blog with my first tips on the simple and easy definition of wealth. Wealth is not only about money. But, money surely relate with a wealth.

Money can't buy everything. However, you need money to buy anything.

First, you need to know the exact definition of wealth. You can look for the definition here:

The Definition Of Wealth

Or, simply just use search term "define: wealth" on Google.

The right definition for me is,

"It's the abundance of object or value that belong exclusively to you"

Indeed. I love this one.

The term object refer to tangible thing like money and your asset. You can touch, feel and see them. Some of it, you can only see them written on a paper, such as figure or number of your interest earned that come from your profitable investment.

While the term value itself is really subjective for each of us.

What is the most valuable in your life? Only you can answer. It can be your own life, health, wife, family, pets or anything else that exist in this world besides money and those tangible things.

Simply put, any value that relate directly with you which can make you really happy, full of joy and fullness. It's a result from your abundance and as a reward back to the world. It's just priceless.

The term exclusive means you must have a total control over your wealth.

Remove any risk that can make your wealth dissapear almost overnight. Also, you don't have to worry what will happen to your wealth even you're sleeping or go to vacation for a very long time.

You need to acquire some knowledge and skills to identify, analyse and control your risk. Remove that risk if possible. If not, you need a strategy on how to transfer the risk, legally and safe.

To build your wealth and success is not a rocket science. You only need a right skills and fail-proof strategy that actually works. It's only a science. Mean, anybody can acquire a wealth they want if they follow exactly what other success and rich people doing to build their wealth.

Just follow. Don't you ever re-invent the wheel.